Meet Stella

Meet Stella

Performatrin Ultra Large Breed

My 6 year old bernedoodle, Stella (@stella.the.bernedoodle), can be a little picky when it comes to food. I used to have to switch it up every 6 months to keep her interested. When I moved 3 years ago, a Pet Valu happened to be located a 2 minute car ride away and out of convenience I decided to go in and see what brands they had.

At the time, Stella was on another brand that wasn’t available, but was told about Performatrin Ultra from the Pet Valu owner, and picked up a bag to try it out. Fast forward 3 years later and Stella is still eating her Performatrin Ultra without any issues, along with our families newest member – Nash the Golden Retriever.

I love that it is grain free and made from healthy ingredients that are beneficial to their health, and doesn’t bust the bank. They are both a perfect weight, have beautiful coats and so much energy just because they are healthy and eating nutritious food. Stella is mad at us if we dare go past their 6 PM dinner time that she looks forward to all day. When I bring a new bag home, she will sit next to it before I empty it into the bin, and makes sure Nash doesn’t dare go near “her food”. She gets very protective! And on top of how great the food is, the rewards program benefits me too. Love that!

Jenna, Milton ON


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October 18, 2016

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