Meet Sadie

Meet Sadie

Performatrin Ultra® Grain-Free Foothills Recipe

First off– I have to say the staff at Quakertown are just absolutely fantastic. From when I did my Harvey shopping to switching my food… I’d be lost without them. Sadie’s always had some medical issues and has had a bad life before we adopted her. Of all the dogs I’ve ever had she’s been the most complicated with needing supplements, etc.

Originally, we shopped at a local store however; they weren’t very friendly. I’m not a big chain person but fell in love with Pet Valu. They stopped carrying what she was on originally, so I was terrified to pick a new food. The staff really listened to my concerns and helped us to get some samples and transition her to the new food.

She loves the foothills best and will eat it without hesitation. Over the last three years she’d wait for us to eat generally but now eats when we aren’t here. The same with the wet food. She had no issues with transitioning either. And for what we were paying versus what we get now and the value, I’m silly to not have switched sooner! She just won’t eat the stews. I think it’s the consistency LOL. She never would with any brand actually.

Jessica, Quakertown PA


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September 15, 2017

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