Meet Kingston

Meet Kingston

Performatrin Grain-Free Sweet Potato and Fish

My name is Kingston and I’m an English Bulldog.  When I was a small puppy, I had really bad gas.  My mom said that if it didn’t improve I would have to sleep outside because I was stinking out the whole house at only 12 weeks old.

Luckily, she switched my food to Performatrin Ultra Lamb and Brown Rice Puppy Formula.  Not only was this food delicious, it meant I didn’t have to sleep outside!  I have since graduated to Performatrin Ultra Limited Sweet Potato and Salmon.  I love this food!  It’s heavenly and mom likes it because it’s healthy.  My coat is nice and shiny, I don’t produce noxious fumes and it helps me maintain a healthy and active lifestyle – so much so mom might put me in agility!   With the help of Performatrin I was able to graduate from not one, but three puppy obedience classes and since switching to the adult formula I have achieved my Novice Trick Title.  Performatrin is the fuel that keeps me going and going and going (and with 98% less gas).  I can’t wait to see where my next adventure will take me, but I know Performatrin will get me there.

Lorna, Thunder Bay ON


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October 5, 2016

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