Meet Kaycee

Meet Kaycee

Performatrin Ultra Lamb & Brown Rice

We love Performatrin Ultra!

I adopted Kaycee when she was two years old from a rescue society on Vancouver Island, BC, where she had been rescued from a northern community.  She had been running wild with a large pack of dogs and was pretty leery about people.  It was a difficult transition for her to become a housedog and member of a family.

There were so many new things for her, including eating a normal balanced diet. My friends and family were eager to recommend different premium brand dog foods to try, but all resulted in a sick Kaycee. She was experiencing an upset stomach and loose stool, plus she just wasn’t thrilled to eat any of them. So I decided to do my own research and checked out my local Pet Valu store.

I had seen Performatrin Ultra on the website and I loved what I was reading about it. It had everything I wanted in a pet food – wholesome natural ingredients, no chicken or chicken by-products, anti-oxidants, omegas and the list goes on. I was very eager to see the results and if Kaycee would like it. I choose the Lamb and Brown Rice formula for her, and upon first feeding; Kaycee was a very happy dog with her tail wagging and looking at me with the “givme more” kind of face.

Needless to say, I have now been feeding Kaycee Performatrin Ultra for about two years now and what a happy girl she is! No more upset stomach, her coat has never been this shiny and she has lots of energy.  Kaycee’s favorite pastimes are going for walks, nature hikes and hanging out at the farm. She sure enjoys running in the field and even gets to ride in the tractor every now and again. And of course her daily highlight is feeding time!

Ashley, Melfort SK


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October 18, 2016

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